About Us


Global Carnivals Australia (ACN 070 924 328)
We are a non – profit, public company which acts as the legal entity for any activities we choose to undertake, within our objectives and according to company law.

The objectives as stated in the memorandum of the Public Company, “Global Carnivals Australia” are as follows:

  • To engender an appreciation of Australia’s cultural diversity through the performing arts.
  • To provide access to the performing arts in regional Australia.
  • To encourage community participation in arts events through artist residencies, workshops, employment and training.
  • To provide opportunities for artists who may find their performance opportunities limited by the commercial structures common in the entertainment industry.
  • To develop and build on local, national and international networks and cultural resources.
  • To strengthen regional, national and international links in the area of culture, social exchange and economics.
  • To stimulate local economies through the promotion of cultural tourism

The primary aims of the Committee are three-fold

  • To foster tolerance, understanding and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage which exists amongst the many nationalities within Australia and the Asia Pacific. Did you know there are 200 nationalities who now share Australia?
  • To promote and present excellence in the arts, specifically on the North Coast of NSW, a breathtakingly beautiful part of regional Australia where equity and access to the arts are disadvantaged but where interest and talents are great.
  • To promote the region state-wide, nationally and internationally as being beautiful, interesting and a culturally stimulating destination and to encourage growth of the local economy by creating an event which directly patronises local business in its development, creates employment and also attracts a large number of people into the region.
    It achieves these objectives by producing high quality events which expose the public and art practitioners to the unique traditions and artistic endeavours of the many nationalities who have made Australia  their home as well as from the world beyond.

The main benefits arising from this are:

  • A high quality and innovative festival regarded not just as regional attraction but also as a growing national and international attraction.
  • The seeds for new forms of innovative works and a fostering of Australia’s unique cultural diversity. Excellence in the arts, innovation, education and stimulation of local economies are its clear objectives.
  • The Bellingen Global Carnival not only brings together a wide range of cultural traditions and art forms but also draws a cross section of the community from all walks of life, all age groups and many different races. The Festival has surpassed initially envisaged expectations. We believe this is because of the high quality and innovative program which clearly appeals to a broad cross section of the community. The principals which underpin and drive the festival are based on inclusion and experience of all cultures and all age group.